Rosin vs. Shatter: Whats the Difference?

Rosin vs. Shatter: Whats the Difference

While many people consume cannabinoids by smoking Cannabis Flower, those who want to experience the effects of cannabis in a purer and more powerful form often turn to cannabis concentrates. There are many types of cannabis concentrates each made in different ways, but two of the best and most popular are Rosin and Shatter.

Rosin and Shatter are both potent cannabis extracts that contain extremely high levels of cannabinoids in comparison to Cannabis Flower. They can also be made from Hemp Flower for those who want extracts with extra high levels of CBD. Whichever way, these concentrates are great for users who want to get the effects of cannabinoids in a highly-concentrated form. So Rosin vs. Shatter: what’s the difference? Here’s what you should know.

What Is Rosin?

There are many types of cannabis concentrates or extracts that are made by extracting the trichome-packed resin from Cannabis Flower, Hash, or Kief. One such example is Rosin- a popular type of concentrate that’s packed with plenty of cannabinoids and is known for being particularly easy to make.

Many types of cannabis concentrates are made using difficult extraction processes that require the use of specialist lab equipment and solvents such as butane or CO2. In contrast, Rosin is made with a simple extraction process that involves applying heat and pressure to cannabis products. This causes an oil-like substance to emerge from the product that can then be scooped up and used in various ways.

Since the extraction process used to produce Rosin is so simple, it can even be done using a pair of Hair Straighteners and some parchment paper for wrapping your Cannabis Flower. However, high-quality Rosin is made using a Rosin Press- a tool that makes it easy to apply heat and pressure to cannabis to create Rosin extracts.

Rosin can vary in quality and consistency depending on the temperature and timing used during the extraction process. Whichever way, the resulting product is an alluring amber extract that contains high levels of cannabinoids and can be used via smoking, vaping, or dabbing for powerful effects.

What Is Shatter

What Is Shatter?

Of the many types of cannabis concentrates and extracts out there, Shatter is one of the most popular and well-known. Shatter is known for its amber color and glass-like appearance. It gets its name as applying a small amount of pressure to a piece of Shatter can result in it breaking into pieces, much like a thin piece of glass.

The process used to make Shatter is similar to many other types of cannabis concentrates. Cannabis Flower is placed into an extraction tube and blasted with a solvent such as butane. This causes the cannabinoid-rich trichomes to break apart from the rest of the plant matter into an amber substance.

After this substance is extracted from cannabis, it undergoes a heating, chilling process before being whipped. This helps purge the solvents and leaves you with a stable, glass-like cannabis extract that’s high in THC and other cannabinoids. This can then be smoked, vaped, or dabbed for potent effects.

The extraction process used to make Shatter is dangerous and should not be tried at home. High-quality Shatter is made by using specialist lab equipment and can only be obtained by buying it from a cannabis store. It’s a popular choice for those who enjoy potent cannabis extracts, especially as even a small amount can give you powerful effects.

Rosin vs. Shatter: What’s The Difference?

Rosin and Shatter are similar in many ways. Both offer strong effects due to the high levels of cannabinoids they contain and both can be used in a variety of ways, including rolling them into a joint, vaping, or dabbing. However, there are also a few key differences that set these two types of concentrates apart.

One of the main differences between Rosin and Shatter is the way they’re made. Shatter is extracted using solvents and requires a complex extraction and purging process. In contrast, Rosin does not require any solvents to make, meaning it’s arguably a much cleaner and purer extract.

Since Rosin isn’t extracted using solvents, it also retains more of the terpenoid profile of the original product. As such, Rosin extracts are usually more flavorful than Shatter extracts while still providing high levels of THC and other cannabinoids. These two extracts also differ in consistency- Shatter is stable and glass-like whereas Rosin is usually more pliable.

When it comes to choosing between these extracts, Rosin is a better choice for most users. This is because it’s exceptionally easy to make yourself. You can use a Rosin Press at home and even press Rosin at different temperatures to adapt the extracts to your preferences. What’s more, it’s a flavorful and potent type of extract without any traces of solvents.

How To Make Rosin

How To Make Rosin

If you want to test out Rosin yourself, making it at home is easy. While you can make Rosin with a Hair Straightener, it’s much better to use a Rosin Press. This allows you to make high-quality Rosin extracts from the comfort of your home and you can even adjust the temperature and timing to your preferences.

Along with a Rosin Press, you’ll also need certain Rosin Accessories. You can use Parchment Paper to wrap Cannabis or Hemp Flower and you’ll also want to use Rosin Bags if you’re trying to extract Rosin from Hash or Kief. You can also buy a Pre-Press and a Collection Plate to make the extraction process smoother and easier.

After wrapping and pressing your chosen product, place it between the plates of your Rosin Press, set your desired temperature, and press it firmly for a few seconds. Rosin will emerge from your product and you may want to press it a few extra times to extract more. You can then extract the Rosin using a Collection Tool and store it in a glass or silicone container.

You can use your Rosin in various ways. For instance, you can add it to a joint or bowl of weed, use it with a Concentrate Vaporizer, or even dab Rosin using a Dab Rig. Whichever way, you’ll get potent and flavorful hits from your Rosin extracts.


While Rosin and Shatter are both potent cannabis extracts, Rosin is much easier to make and also retains more flavor as it doesn’t require the use of solvents. You can make Rosin from the comfort of your home using a few handy tools and accessories, all of which you can find online at The Ju1ceBox.