How to Make Rosin at Home

Let's make some rosin!

Rosin is a concentrate made by exposing cannabis to heat and pressure in order to force out the terpenes and cannabinoids found in the plant’s trichome glands. Rosin can be made out of flower, dry sift (kief), or subpar hash in minutes with the right tools.


Anyone can easily make rosin at home with the right tools and material but the rosin press is not as important as the right kind of material.

Fire in = Fire Out 

As cannabis products age the color will darken and the yield will decrease. The best rosin is always produced from fresh strains that have not been over dried. Once a cannabis product has been over dried the necessary oils needed to move the rosin have been evaporated and it is not recommended to press dry material for rosin. Dry material will also leave your homemade rosin with more contaminant.

The perfect humidity for pressing rosin is around 62% relative humidity. Flower should be able to be squeezed without crumbling or breaking apart. Boveda 2 way humidity control pouches are the best way to store your flower to press into rosin at home. Boveda pouches ensure you are getting the best rosin yield. You can cycle the pouches until they become still or hard.


How to get the best rosin yields at home

What are the best strains for pressing rosin?

As more studies are being released we have found that not all cannabis strains have good rosin yields even if they were grown, cured, and stored perfectly. Genetics plays a big role into strains with good rosin yields. We have found that any strain will Gorilla Glue #4 or Cookies has the best chance of a good rosin yield. Unfortunately many sativa strains make it very difficult to achieve a good rosin yield.

Always press try to press a small amount of numerous strains to find the best rosin yield. If a strain does not yield avoid pressing it and save the flower with the biggest yield just for pressing into rosin.

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Here are a few of each that you should consider making into rosin:

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How much flower should be used to make rosin?

When pressing flower for the best quality rosin and yield it is very important to take up as much of the surface area of the plates as possible. If the path is longer for the rosin to escape the plates it will cook in between the plates while moving and create a bigger collection area and more difficult to collect the rosin.

What is the best at home rosin press?

The biggest questions to ask yourself when looking to purchase a rosin press is quantity of rosin and budget.

If you are willing to spend over a couple hundred dollars and plan to produce rosin on a large scale or need 10+ grams of rosin a month a table top rosin press would be a good choice. Table top presses often have plates recommend to press 1/4 to 1/2 ounce of material at a time for the best results. The temperature control allows for a more precise temperature but always requires a 2nd or 3rd press. If you are looking for a larger press check out our lever action rosin presstwist top rosin press and our small 2 ton bottle jack press.


If you want to produce less then a couple grams of rosin a month a handheld rosin press is the best choice. The Ju1ceBox handheld rosin press is the only press on the market that's engineered specifically for the average consumer. The size is kept compact, making it more suitable than it's table tops units for rosin production at home or on the go. The unique sloped design prevents burning terpenes and directs the flow of the rosin for a quicker collection process. While the gradual heating process guarantees maximum achievable yields without a 2nd or 3rd press needed.

I can get 30% yields from the best strains and make rosin at home, so I can get almost a gram of rosin back from an 1/8 of flower. I also have the chips left over to make edibles with. A gram of rosin is $80 and an eighth of top shelf is only $50-$60 bucks so I save $20-$30 and get free edibles!

Alex Sneider