Best Enails of 2020

Best Enails of 2020

If you want your dab hits to be perfect every single time, buying an Enail is essential. Although heating your dab nail with a dab torch is the traditional method, it can be tedious, dangerous, and there’s no guarantee you’ll get your hits at the optimal temperature. In contrast, investing in one of the best Enails will make dabbing your favorite concentrates immeasurably smoother, easier, and more consistent.

For those who aren’t familiar, Enails are incredible electronically-enhanced accessories that can be attached to any Dab Rig to improve your dabbing experience. Instead of heating your dab nail manually, you can set your Enail to your desired temperature before applying your dab. It’ll heat up within minutes and you can enjoy perfect dab hits. There are now various brands of Enails out there to choose from, so here’s a breakdown of the best Enails of 2020.

The Ju1ceBox Oil Coil Enail

If you’re looking for an incredibly effective, well-designed, and feature-packed Enail at a fraction of the price of the other options, then the Ju1ceBox Oil Coil Enail with Quartz Banger is perfect for you. You can grab one of these devices for as little as $110, although you might want to pay slightly more for extra accessories.

This device is equipped to handle all of your dabbing needs. The Oil Coil Enail is capable of temperatures from 0-999 degrees, and all you have to do is set your desired temperature using the attached box for super-fast heating. Setting the temperature and timer is effortless thanks to the aluminum controller with handy buttons, and the built-in LED screen makes it easy to see exactly what you’re doing.

The universal coil means you can attach the Ju1ceBox Oil Coil Enail to any Dab Rig and start enjoying incredible dab hits. You’ll even get a stainless steel carb cap to place over your banger to make your hits even more satisfying. With high-quality construction, an easy-to-use controller, and all the features you need, this is a stellar choice for anyone- especially since it’s so affordable. You can also spend a little extra to get the Oil Coil Enail with Hybrid Nail

The Ju1ceBox Oil Coil Enail

MiniNail Complete Enail

Another one of the best Enails of 2020 is the MiniNail Complete Enail Kit. MiniNail is a brand that focuses on high-quality Enails with customizable options and dabbing enthusiasts will be impressed with this offering. It offers a slick design, easy temperature control, and quality components that make it very satisfying to use.

This Enail Kit comes with a Deep Titanium Dish with plenty of space to spread your concentrates out for swift and thorough vaporization. It can fit male joints of 10-18mm and female joints of 14-18mm, making it compatible with all kinds of Dab Rigs. The controller may seem a little bulky and plain, but it’s highly durable and easy to set-up and use thanks to the LED screen and buttons to control the temperature.

You’ll miss out on certain features when you use this Enail- it doesn’t have a timer option, although most users will be satisfied with its swift heat-up capabilities. There’s also plenty of ways to customize it to your taste. You can swap out the Titanium nail for a Quartz banger, choose the kind of dabber you want, and even choose the color of your controller and nail. The MiniNail Complete Enail Kit starts at $249.99, although the total cost will depend on the options you choose.

Galaxy Odyssey Enail

Galaxy Enails is another company that offers a wide range of dabbing tools and accessories, and the Galaxy Odyssey Enail is a prime example. This device is sturdy, effective, and easy to use for anyone from beginners to experienced dabbers. It’s ideal for low-temperature dabbing, allowing you to bring out plenty of flavor from your favorite extracts.

One of the interesting features of the Galaxy Odyssey Enail is its Quartz-coated ceramic dish. The ceramic allows it to heat up quickly and retain its temperature, whereas the Quartz brings out more flavor and also makes it easy to clean. As such, you get the best of both worlds, not to mention the full kit also comes with a ceramic carb cap, a dab tool, and a Titanium 6-in-1 universal adapter.

Unfortunately, the Galaxy Odyssey Enail Kit still falls short in some areas. Although the device is well-built, the design leaves a lot to be desired, and the kit also comes without a carrying case to keep it all together. However, it’s still one of the best Enails out there for $249.99. Galaxy Enails also has some more affordable options, such as the Galaxy Ceramic Enail Kit at $199.99.

Pulsar Axial Mini eNail Kit

Pulsar Axial Mini eNail Kit

Pulsar is another big name in the Enail industry, and the Pulsar Axial Mini eNail Kit is a solid choice for anyone looking for high-quality dab hits. One of the first things you’ll notice about this kit is that it’s very well-designed, with a clear LED screen and easy setting controls featured on the front of the device. It’s also available in multiple color options, including a Rasta style design.

It also doesn’t fall short when it comes to features. It has a very impressive temperature range of 0°F-1200°F, and although you won’t need to go so high, it’s nice to have the option. It also packs plenty of power and can heat up to your desired temperature quickly and easily, so you won’t have to wait around to experience some sensationally satisfying dab hits.

The kit comes complete with everything you need, including an impressive 6-in-1 Quartz/Titanium hybrid nail and a Titanium Carb Cap. With long power cords, you won’t have to worry about being too far from a power outlet, either. The kit costs $257.99 and, although you can find cheaper options, it’s an excellent device for its price.


Using a high-quality Enail is a surefire way to get an exceptional dabbing experience every time, and these are the best Enails of 2020. Each device is capable of handling your dabbing needs, although factors such as price, design, and extra features might impact your choice.

While some users may prefer to splash out on more expensive devices, the Ju1ceBox Oil Coil Enail Kit is perfect for beginners and experienced users alike. Not only is it cheaper than competitors, but it offers excellent features including a universal coil, easy temperature control, and even a timer option. You can find the Ju1ceBox Oil Coil Enail Kit and various other top-notch dabbing accessories at The Ju1ceBox.